Project Description



According to project plan we will build two semi-detached houses have been developed and worked through with a view to giving the customer what is desired in a semi-detached house. The semi-detached houses have practical floor plans and we have homes with everything from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. These also have mirrored floor plans, which means that entrances and patios are located at each end of the house.

  • all detailed financial information, project drawings and contractual details will be provided according to investors enquiries.

Project : Hageveien 

Investment amount : 100 ‘ 000 EURO

ROI from: 30%

Time period: 12month from signing investment agreement and financing project.

Process: investors will invest directly into the project company. Project will be secured by building plot mortgage . 50% of houses will be sold before actual construction.

Our services include:

  • All legal and accounting services
  • Real estate pre-purchase analysis
  • Real estate acquisition process organisation
  • Restoration Works, or construction of a new building.
  • Organisation of the sales process of the implemented projects, or further maintenance and management.

Investment Island will take care of all business processual steps.